Urthlands Shadows


Welcome to Urth.

From the sparkling Kender City of Sparklemesa and the dark alleys of Crebon De Alter, to the deadly and mysterious Misty Mountains and the terrifying bogs of the Swamp of Souls, to the solar blasted dangers of the Wastes of Gaul and the forbidden mountains of Doomcraag and Dragonholme, the continent of Tyrell is a land full of mystery and riddles. Forgotten civilizations, lost cities, newly discovered races.

The world of Urth has a rich history built on heroic deeds, evolving magic, and the wounds of a brutal confrontation between the forces of Urth and the Demon Lord Morgoth. This conflict changed the world of Urth and resulted in the loss of much lore and discovery. But the world has gone on and already regained much of what was lost in the realms of technological and magic advancement, and yet, every few years some long lost thing pops up and reminds the people or Tyrell just how much still lies buried beneath their feet.


Thanks to a mastery of the arcane arts, the great cities of the continent of Tyrell contain skyscraping castles, elemental powered chariots carrying people to and fro in more advanced cities and so forth.

If it exists in D&D there is a chance it could be found here. A monster or spell or magic item from the core rule books could feature a twist or two to account for Urth’s tone and attitude, but the point is that Urth is an amalgamation of several previously established worlds and there are many lost and forgotten civilizations and so forth… who knows what could be buried or could bubble back up to the surface.

Alignments are relative gauges of a charatcer or creature’s viewpoint rather than an absolute barometer of affiliation and action. Alignments are blurred so that it is possible to encounter an evil Silver Dragon or a good Vampire. Nothing is as it seems and rarely are things cut and dry on Urth.

To aid wih the slightly cinematic feel and the power of will over circumstance, mind over matter, action points have been added to the rule mix. These spendable, limited resources allow players to have more of a hand in dramatic situations and accomplish things which may seem impossible.

Because of the events of the Demon Wars, literally thousands of towers, forts, keeps, cities and dugeons were destroyed, buried, or overrun. The continent of Tyrell was cut off from most of the rest of the world. Demon Gates still crop up from time to time, unleashing Hellish monstrosities. Natural and Supernatural disasters ravage the lands. Monsters roam the countryside and heroes are in short supply. In other words, there is no limit to the amount of adventures the PC’s can have.

Soul Stones are strange gems which harness magical energies like batteries for later use. Despite the term, not all of these crystalline stones are filled with souls, though some certainly are. Most are simply repositories where magical energies have been harvested or placed. These gems can be “tapped” by magic users to fuel their spell points or undercut the xp cost of crafting items. Shattering these stones could result in magical explosions of arcane energies… or angry spirits in the case of actual soul stones, but most are resistant to anything but a direct, powerful hit. These stones are outlined later.

Philosopher Stones are much like Soul Stones, but these have the ability to regenrate on their own, needing no intervention from the owner. Since the technique to create the Philosopher Stones was lost during the Demon Wars, these gems are the source of debate, arguments, religious fanaticism, cults, massive, murder, and even wars.

Some new Races have been added and old ones altered slightly to convey the tone and scope of Tyrell and the Urth. Humans have several new abilities and modifiers, and new races and kingdoms. Some formerly NPC monster races have a PC option in Urth. Gnolls, Goblins and Orcs for example are all considered base races on Tyrell.

Urthlands Shadows

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